WATCH: Greek commercial uses Django Unchained to sell school supplies for kids

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10.02.13 3 Comments


It’s a shame we haven’t had any Django Unchained tie-in commercials here in the oh-so-sensitive United States of Puritan Wieners, but luckily Greece is picking up the slack with this new commercial for Jumbo, a chain store that reimagines itself as a Django-style hero, freeing parents from the bondage of high pencil prices.

Here in the states, Django generated enough controversy on its own, just by being a sort-of comedic take on a serious subject, so I can only imagine what the outcry would’ve been if someone tried to use the character to sell school supplies for children. But over in Europe, that’s Kool and the Gang, and that’s why I love those gloriously un-PC, peacenik socialists. Gonna find me a Euro chick, man. Hairy armpits and no hang ups, far out. That’s why they get stuff like this, and we get those Geico guitar guys I wish would die in a dildo fire.

I can’t wait for the Antichrist Fox to declare “chaos reigns.” Prices so low, you’ll think it’s the apocalypse.

[thanks for the tip, Jason]

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