Video of the Day: The Olsen Twins Are Racist

As first discovered by I believe Reddit, here’s a short video clip that proves once and for all that the Olsen twins are virulent, hate-filled racists.  In a clip from their 1992 film To Grandmother’s House We Go, the twins, then 6, spot an older black saxophonist playing Christmas music on the street.  The miniature, unhooded Klanswomen immediately sidle up to him, cruelly mocking him with hammy, Sambo-style shucking and jiving, an insulting minstrel show missing only the blackface. When even that fails to elicit a response from the proud and dignified street musician, they tip him with fried chicken.  Disgusting.  No way they would’ve treated Timmy Cappello that way.

Before you ask, no, the clip does not appear to have been doctored.  As you can see below, the twins appear holding chicken even before the the close-up shot of the sax case.  Does this level of hate in a family film surprise you?  It shouldn’t.  They think they can get away with it because black people don’t watch these films, but it’s a sick practice that continues to this day. It needs to be stopped.  High School Musical 3 was just 90 minutes of Zac Efron Sieg Heiling.   True story.  Here’s some people who rented it.