Loki’s Got Talent: Tom Hiddleston sings karaoke in the car

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11.18.13 17 Comments

Now on the cusp of breaking $500 million at the box office, Thor: The Dark World had a secret weapon helping it win hearts and minds but especially hearts, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, one of a handful of legit actors (two Academy Award nominees!) hamming it up with dark elves during hammer time. That lovable Norse God of mischief recently cemented his status as a likable dude with this car-aoke performance of “Stand By Me” on a German TV show. I’ll take this over five minutes of him boringly talking about the differences between him and his character on a Leno appearance any day.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean, not everyone can have a belty chest voice like me. One time I did a karaoke rendition of “You Oughta Know” so good that a pregnant lady’s water broke. But it’s not always about the notes, it’s about the passion. Plus, the acoustics in there are really good. It’s probably a German car.


I like to imagine that he was sweetly serenading Thor:


[picture via here, hat tip to EntertainmentWeekly for the video]

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