New badass clip from Gravity – ‘Detached’

The buzz around Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity has been intense almost since it was first announced. That’ll happen when the director is the guy who did Children of Men and the movie is rumored to have a 20-minute opening shot. But the hype train seemed to slow when original stars Robert Downey Jr. and Angelina Jolie dropped out and were  replaced by George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, and ground close to a halt when the first trailer hit. People just didn’t seem that impressed with it.

But there’s a new clip from Comic-Con that just hit the web, ‘Detached,’ and I think this one might change some minds. It looks like it does a good job evoking the actually vastness of space, which hasn’t really been done. Because if you do it right, a movie about outer space doesn’t really need a villain. Simply being alone in all that space is infinitely more terrifying. I went to the planetarium a while back, and just seeing a gigantic model of the universe and hearing how many planets and stars and millions and billions and squillions of miles everything is away from anything else bummed me out so bad I just wanted to get stoned and pet a dog.

I still wish they would’ve gone with “The Blind Side of the Moon.”

Yer changin’ that satellahte’s lahfe. Nope. It’s changin’ mahne.

Opens October 4th, 2013.