What Does Vin Diesel Give a F*ck About? A Study.

Yesterday we posted an interview from the Riddick (opening today!) press tour, in which Vin Diesel answered a question about what he thought about Ben Affleck as Batman, responding, “I don’t give a f*ck about Batman, or who plays him.”

No criticism from us, it was probably the best answer he could’ve given under the circumstances. But it did get us to wondering: If Vin Diesel doesn’t care about Batman, what DOES he care about? To answer this question, I went to Vin Diesel’s Facebook page, which he thinks is so influential that it increased the value of Facebook itself, and where, Diesel says, “I started talking to people in the realest ways. […] I never let anyone post for me in the last four years.”

In short, the perfect place for us to understand Vin Diesel’s inner-most thoughts. So, what does Vin Diesel give a f*ck about? Vin Diesel gives a f*ck about…

…Photoshops. Vin-inspired portmanteaus, like “Vinspired.” His fans’ creativity.


Inspirational quotes. Quoting himself.

Jetpacks. Extreme sports. Daring to dream.

Eating pasta on stilts. Carb loading before a workout.

Going to Africa. Elephant photoshops.

Romance. Valentine’s Day. The proper way to treat a lady.

Maya Angelou. Not looking directly at the camera.

Comic books. Smiling to himself about things that he says.

Set pictures of himself with badass dragons Photoshopped in the background. How his fans are doing that day.

Positivity. The power of smiles.

Nelson Mandela.

Love. Proper tanning. Scripty fonts.

Halloween. Hurricane Sandy.

Voting. Jean jackets. Proper dental care.


His Kojak movie. Wifebeaters. Dog tags. His Calvins.

Fast and Furious Movies. Looking pensive.

There are many more things that Vin Diesel cares about, and this could go on for days. but the important thing to remember is not the details, it’s simply that Vin Diesel cares.

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