Vin Diesel Wants To Be In The Avengers Sequel According To His Facebook’s Fan Art

Judging by his IMDB page, Vin Diesel is settling into the “I’m just going to keep making sequels of the movies that make a lot of money and Chronicles of Riddick” phase of his career, with the lone upcoming exception being The Machine. Otherwise, it’s The Fast and the Furious 6, a Chronicles of Riddick sequel (why?) and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, which will finally explain how Diesel’s character can either return from the dead or survive without the back of his head.
The reason I bring the ol’ breakdancer, Mark Sinclair Vincent, up today is because I was looking for more Avengers rumors and I came across a picture of the Marvel character, the Vision (AKA Victor Shade or Jonas), and it was from Diesel’s Facebook page. Apparently, Diesel and/or his 35 million (partially ironic, I’m sure) fans believe that the star of The Pacifier should be added to the cast of the Avengers sequel as the alien who sometimes chills with the Avengers.
And seeing as Marvel basically wants to make a movie for any and every character and then cram them all into Avengers movies until they create the first-ever trillion dollar movie, like Jiro Nishi’s Taste the Golden Spray, this could probably happen. Ultimately, the picture reminded me that Vince had once posted a picture of Diesel and Usher that came from his Facebook page, and I thought, “Well, looks like it’s time to celebrate us some Vin Diesel fan art.”
Enjoy, won’t you? (And more here, thanks to Robopanda.)

I included this because I thought it was fan art. Turns out it’s real.