Vin Diesel’s ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Posters Could Be Peak Vin Diesel

I… can’t… believe this is a real movie. The Last Witch Hunter just released these posters at Comic-Con, and I can’t think of a better match between project and persona than Vin Diesel and “The Last Witch Hunter.” It’s almost too good to be true.

Obviously, there’s a strong Game of Thrones influence here, what with the throne made of weapons and all. But you know what the Iron Throne didn’t have? RAM SKULLS AND HAND GUNS AND CROSSBOWS, BROOOOOOH WAH-AH AH AH!

I like to imagine the pitch meeting when something like, “What if we did Game of Thrones, but like, more xxtreme?”

“Yeah, bro. Like, with Vin Diesel. And he’s so jacked that even his throne has guns.”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these posters probably more, in fact I think I can hear them laying down Juggalo raps through my laptop screen. But just in case you need some facts: Breck Eisner is directing The Last Witch Hunter (him getting work definitely has nothing to do with his dad being the former CEO of Disney) from a script by Matt Sazama and Cory Goodman. It opens in October, and as far as I can tell it has nothing to do with Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters or Nic Cage’s Season of the Witch (sh*t, man, have you ever noticed how many movies there are about hunting witches?).

I thought about giving you the official rundown from IMDB, but this synopsis from HollywoodLife seems like the ideal voice for this project:

Honestly, Vin Diesel, 47, is the hottest witch hunter we’ve ever seen. In the new posters for The Last Witch Hunter, Vin undergoes a major physical transformation and still manages to stay seriously sexy. His character, Kaulder, has spent centuries battling witches and faces his most dangerous battle yet in the present day. Well, at least he’s looking good as he saves the world one witch at a time!

“Kaulder, bro. Get it? It’s like combination of ‘cauldron,’ because witches, and my son’s name, Konnir. Kaulder. I think it’s clean and rad and powerful.”

You really think this will be the last movie about witch hunting? I hope not. There’s a lot more meat on that bone, I feel.

(Via Hollywood Life)