Wahlburgers Restaurant is Expanding Into Canada!

As the only film site that offered a review of Wahlburgers, the Hingham, Massachusetts restaurant started by Marky, Donnie, and Pauly Wahlberg, it is my honor to relay to you the news that the chain now has plans to expand into Canada. Soon America’s Hat will be able to enjoy the culinary stylings of Mahky, Dawnnie, Pauly, Richie, Tawmmy, Brian, Squeezebawx, Black Dave, Bitch Tits, Owl, Snawtlips, Baloney Pete, Hotrawd, Mary-Alice, Guinea Steve, and the whole extended Wahlberg clan.

From the LA Times:

The new restaurant, at Toronto’s SoHo Metropolitan Hotel, will open in early 2014, the company said Wednesday. The original Wahlburgers in Hingham, Mass., was founded in 2011 with Paul Wahlberg as the executive chef.

This is just the latest move for the family-run concept. The Wahlbergs have also been filming a reality TV show on the premises.

The Wahlbergs are also looking to add locations in neighborhoods in Boston and the surrounding suburban Boston area.

The drinks menu features boozy “adult frappes” with names like “Funky Monkey” and “Fluffanuttahh.”

No word on whether the menu will include the Wahlburger’s Numbah One Cawmbo Meal: a knuckle sangwich and a hard punch, the only entree that could’ve stopped 9/11.

I cannot wait for this reality show. I imagine them having to film for at least a year to get 30 minutes of footage without a racial slur.