Watch Nicolas Cage Not Get Raptured In The Official Trailer For ‘Left Behind’

As previously reported by Film Drunk editor-in-queef Vince Mancini, Left Behind is a reboot “of the rapture series Left Behind, adapted from the books and originally starring Kirk Cameron.” This new, more secular reboot stars the timelessly creepy Nicolas Cage as a hapless pilot who witnesses the rapture (or something similar) while traveling at 40,000 feet. And while the first teaser for Left Behind had me pumped up for a dramatic take on Seth Rogen’s This Is The End, this new trailer has come out on the heels of my own binge-viewing of HBO’s The Leftovers. And, honestly, I think I’d rather watch Left Behind and stop watching The Leftovers because I feel like Damon Lindelof is trying to steal more hours from my life. Yes, I understand the The Leftovers is an adaptation of someone else’s work and that I should just relax and go with it but, as any person who watched Lost from beginning to end as it aired on TV will understand, I just plain don’t trust that Lindelof  dude. (Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, eh foolmuh can’t get fooled again.)

Honestly, even if they finally do start addressing some of the mysteries in The Leftovers, I think I’ve already lost my patience with the show. Christ-my-f*ck-lord is that show slow. I’ve watched 7 hours of it and nothing has happened. Whereas Left Behind will probably wrap sh*t up in about 90 – 120 minutes. That seems like a safer bet. So to those of you who are done with Damon Lindelof’s lies, but still want to see a dramatic action movie about the rapture, Left Behind hits theaters on October 3rd. Let’s show Damon Lindelof we’re not gonna eat any more of his sh*t.