Weekend Box Office: Matt Damon’s Return Was Worth About $22 Million For ‘Jason Bourne’

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07.31.16 23 Comments

Matt Damon tried to leave the Bourne franchise in the last movie, handing Bourning duties off to Jeremy Renner in The Bourne BaBournity (actually The Bourne Legacy according to “facts”), but the studio just couldn’t let him go. And now we know why. Jason Bourne earned an estimated $60 million domestically this weekend (half the budget), way up from The Bourne Legacy‘s $38 million in 2012. The Bourne movies have thus far had openings of $27 million, for Identity, in 2002, $52 million, for Supremacy, in 2004, $69 million (nice), for Ultimatum, in 2007, and now $60 million. Worldwide, Jason Bourne added another $50.1 million from 46 markets.

 …the 13.4% drop compared to Ultimatum is just a fraction off the average 2016 sequel performance, which now has films opening 14.4% below their predecessors (excluding My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2). [BoxOfficeMojo]

So what does that mean for Bourne? Well, the short answer is that it’s mostly pretty good.

…even Bourne Legacy had a decent 2.9x weekend-to-final multiplier (the other two sequels had 3.2 and 3.3x multipliers). So if it plays like the last film we’ve got a $174 million cume which automatically makes it the second-biggest live-action movie of the summer by default. [Forbes]

Either Matt Damon is still a bigger box office draw than Jeremy Renner, or audience just couldn’t accept the idea of two totally different secret agents both getting amnesia (did Renner’s character get amnesia in The Bourne Legacy? I am not looking this up).

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