Weekend Box Office: ‘Snowden,’ ‘Blair Witch,’ And ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby’ All Fail To Break $10 Million

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09.18.16 7 Comments

There were three wide openers this weekend, and they all got torched. Out of Blair Witch, Bridget Jones’s Baby, and Snowden, not one broke $10 million in the US.

Blair Witch (Josh’s review) fared the best of the three, at $9.65 million, which is nearly double $5 million production budget. The marketing budget, unfortunately, was more like $20 million. Blair Witch 2, by comparison, earned $13 million back in 2000, which would be about $21 million today. If Blair Witch had been a critical smash it might have a chance of continuing to play, but with a 37% recommended rating on RottenTomatoes and a D+ Cinemascore from audiences, which is the worst I’ve heard of since I started writing this column, there’s not much chance of that.

Bridget Jones’s Baby, following the last Bridget Jones movie by 12 years, was next at $8.24 million, on a $35 million budget, which also isn’t very good. The film played 79% female and received a B+ Cinemascore. It would be considered a flop if not for its performance overseas, where it earned $29.9 million, including $11.3 million from the UK, biggest ever for a romantic comedy. Apparently Brits love Colin Firth even more than Americans. He’s like a human Paddington Bear. Paddington Human.

Then there was Snowden (my review), in number four with $8 million. It’s a disappointment, and indeed the worst opening of Oliver Stone’s career for a film opening in more than 2,000 theaters. Incredibly, the film received an A Cinemascore. And the studio is hoping awards buzz will keep Snowden playing a while longer.

Snowden is a smart and provocative thriller that connected strongly with audiences. While we’d like to have seen a slightly bigger number for the opening weekend, we are very encouraged by the A Cinemascore and exit polls and we expect the movie to thrive for several more weeks,” said Open Road marketing president Jonathan Helfgot in a statement. [THR]

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