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Opening this weekend (click titles for trailers):

  • I Love You, Man: You can see Chodin’s review here.  I agree for the most part.  Rudd and especially Jason Segel are really funny, but god damn the script is formulaic.  And they had to explain every joke twice – I thought it was funny that the dog was named Anwar Sadat.  Not so much 15 minutes later when they had to cut between the dog’s face and a picture of Anwar Sadat to make sure the idiots in the audience were onboard. But nevertheless, funny.
  • Duplicity: Julia Roberts and Clive Owen star in a spy comedy that was better when it was called Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  I mean, I guess it was, I haven’t seen either.  Mrs. Smith makes some good cookies though.  Put them in a bowl with some milk and you’ve got what George Lucas calls “cereal.”
  • Knowing: Icarus Cage stars in an Alex Proyas film that looks like it was stolen from Roland EmmerichThis reviewer for the AP calls it “an early contender for worst movie of the year.”  But then, she also says “it literally goes off the rails,” so unless she watched it on a train the AP needs to hire better copy editors.
  • Explicit Ills (trailer after the jump): Right now you can only catch this one in New York, Philly, and L.A., but it stars Dookie from The Wire, Rosario Dawson, and the preacher kid from There Will Be Blood.  Plus, the producer emailed me.  See?  The system works.

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