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Opening this weekend:

Imagine That
Eddie Murphy stars in a movie that’s already been made 15 or 16 times.  And that’s just in the last five years.  I smell another huge bomb.  It’s a trick I learned from bomb-sniffing dogs.

Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
John Travolta and Denzell Washington’s train kidnapping movie (it’s a remake).  It’s possible it’s really good and I’m just missing out, but it just seems like the kind of movie I’ll eventually see on a plane.

Food Inc. (NY, LA, SF)
Documentary about the food industry, only playing in LA at the moment.  It’ll tell you all about modern chickens and their comically oversized breasts.

Moon (NY and LA)
Sam Rockwell plays a man sent to the moon for a one-year mission with his only company a computer who converses in emoticons.  Is it just me, or does every hipster look a little like Sam Rockwell.

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