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Opening this week:

Comes from Mike Judge, who says he wrote it on spec right after he finished Office Space. was supposed to catch a screening on Tuesday but then I screwed up and missed it.  It’s a good thing I’m not a cancer doctor.

All About Steve
I’m sure this will be good because it was tracking 0.0% on rottentomatoes up until a few hours ago (now it’s at 5%).  You can also tell it’s going to be good because it comes from Fox and THE TITLE IS ‘ALL ABOUT STEVE.’  I think they should’ve just gone with the original title, Monkey Smearing Sh’t on Its Face.

From Crank 2 directors Neveldine and Taylor, comes a film that’s pretty much like Running Man, except the inmates are characters in a video game.  This is the male equivalent of a rom-com script.  Additional trivia: Milo Ventimiglia plays “Rick Rape.”

The Carriers
Chris Pine and Piper Perabo run from a virus.  I don’t care enough about this movie to form more words about it.

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