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12.18.09 19 Comments

I don’t remember why I made this picture.

Opening this weekend (trailers after the jump):

Up in the Air
This one’s been sort of overshadowed by all the Avatar hype, but the early buzz is that it’s really good.  Plus, who doesn’t like George Clooney?  Communists, that’s who.

Ava-who?  Hmm, I do not believe I’ve heard anything about this movie-film.  Do you guys know anything about it? (Sidenote: I bought a ticket to a midnight screening last night, because you see, no one invites me to press screenings because God forbid a person who writes about movies be honest and make poop jokes from time to time.  I had my press credentials for Sundance denied for the same reason, but I digress.  Long story short, I wanted to have an Avatar review up today, but I got drunk and slept through the alarm I’d set for midnight when I was supposed to see it.  Please accept my humblest, most inappropriately sexual apology).

Did You Hear About the Morgans?
Are city people who have to move to the country ever not funny??  YOU CAIN’T WEAR HAGH HEELS IN THE STABLE, CEETY SLICKER!!  Anyway, if no one gets hit in the nuts in this movie, as God as my witness I will scratch all of my records.  I think this picture sums it up best:

[Courtesy of 5secondfilms]

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