Werner Herzog behind the scenes on Bad Lieutenant

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04.06.10 23 Comments

Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week, and they didn’t send me any clips or DVDs or anything, even though I’ve been screaming about how awesome it is to anyone who would listen since it came out.  It’s all part of their plan that it not be seen by anyone ever.  Anyway, MTV got this exclusive clip of Werner on set from the DVD extras.  It’s actually kind of boring, because it lacks the one thing I want from a Bad Lieutenant behind the scenes, and that’s Werner Herzog demanding that Nic Cage “RELEESS ZA PIGS!

Again, God forbid anyone actually see this movie.  In related news, Nic Cage has blond hair now (your argument is invalid).  Here’s what he said in a recent interview:

“See, Werner doesn’t really know a lot about jazz. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about classical music and we had good conversations about that. But being that we were in New Orleans, which is the birthplace of jazz, and being that my own particular approach, when it’s at its best — and it’s not always achievable — is jazz in terms of the style of acting. And when I say jazz, I mean you know your lines so well that you go off your lines and you improvise and then the people you work with improvise with you and you pick it up and then you rephrase and you form. If you look at the Miles Davis story, it’s a really interesting documentary and there are some really good passages about jazz and Herbie Hancock talks about it brilliantly and it’s like we were all magicians picking up each other’s phrases musically and then Miles would come in and put a lid on it and that’s exactly what I was hoping to get to with ‘The Bad Lieutenant.'”

Of his upcoming role in Jerry Bruckheimer’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Cage said it was more like when Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock were jamming, and then Kenny G came in with his dopey flute sax and started playing his echo-y oatmeal music, so Miles Davis grabbed it out of his hand and shoved it up his ass, and then Kenny G started farting, and the farts were coming out of the sax in these weird squeaks and rattles, and sometimes he’d really let one go with a lot of gas, and it would sound just like Kenny G’s normal sax playing.  Hence the slogan, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: a soprano sax filled with farts.

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