‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Is Definitely Getting A Sequel?

Last July, David Wain started hinting while promoting other films that he and his fellow former State members were floating the idea of a reunion for a Wet Hot American Summer sequel. Our response looked something like this:

But then some time passed and we didn’t hear much more about it other than a few whispers that it could be a prequel with the older actors playing younger versions to hilarious results. Our response still looked something like this:

Then a few more months passed and we didn’t hear a thing about whether or not this prequel or sequel was progressing and our response looked something like this…

On January 24, though, Wain and the entire cast of Wet Hot American Summer told us to sit and spin, as they reunited at San Francisco’s Sketchfest for the film’s 10th reunion and they reenacted scenes for the crowd. I assume everyone’s response was something like this:

As if that wasn’t an indicator that all of the actors – Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks and Amy Poehler included – were on board for another film, Bravo’s Twitter feed fondled all of our sweaters last night when the TV network responsible for the pop culture apocalypse announced the following amazing news:

And once again, our response looked a little something like this:

Whether this ever happens or not, we at least appreciate any and every reason to use these GIFs over and over.