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The Original Greasy Sax Scene: Damn, those hips don’t lie, am I right ladies and queers?

Most FilmDrunkards will probably recognize the name of Greasy Sax Dude, from the infamous opening beach scene in Lost Boys, which I’ve posted and linked to countless times.  But up until now, few of us knew who he really was: composer, musician, and all around greasy shirtless dude Timmy Cappello.  And when he wasn’t getting greased up to play sax in Lost Boys, he was getting greased up to play sax with the likes of  Tina Turner, Ringo Starr, Peter Gabriel, and Carly Simon.  These days it seems he’s been branching out, often getting greased up to play acoustic guitar.  You’ll also be glad to note that he still wears the same necklace – made of steel, just like his pecs.  With any luck, he’ll soon single-handedly usher in a new era of greasy folk music.

A Be-Wifebeatered Greasy Sax Man Onstage with Tina Turner. “Just honkin’ n’ thrustin’, man, honkin’ n’ thrustin. It’s what I do.”

Timmy Cappello’s Homepage
Timmy Cappello’s Fan Site (yes, Timmy Cappello has a fan site)

[Thanks to Robo for the tip. Again]

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