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02.25.10 37 Comments

I’ve made no secret of my love of Zoolander.  At the very least, it allows me to pretend liking “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” is purely ironic and cool.  What? Oh right, next you’ll tell me Queen is gay. Anyway, as such it’s with a happy smile and buttered asshole that I report Tropic Thunder writer Justin Theroux is in negotiations to write and direct a Zoolander sequel.

Ben and Justin are working on the script together, and Theroux is going to Fashion Week in Paris to “immerse himself on what is current in fashion”. “It’s got momentum,” a studio source just told me. Everyone’s hoping Owen Wilson co-stars again but no deal is set. The villain likely will be Jonah Hill who’s in negotiations. [DeadlineHollywood]

I hope Owen Wilson isn’t too busy Kate Hudsoning his career with Marmaduke, that Farrelly Brothers’ movie, and Little Fockers to be in this.  The concept just doesn’t work as well without two dudes with jacked up noses being male models.  No one wants to see actual male models, that would be gay. (Hint, hint, Captain America).

What? Clearly liking this song is the most hetero thing possible.

Look, bro, it puts the boom boom into my heart, okay? I REGRET NOTHING!

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