Whoop Dreams: The Trailer for Our Gathering of the Juggalos Documentary

As you may have heard, the FilmDrunk Frotcast, in the form of Laremy Legel, Ben, Matt Lieb, and I, traveled to Cave-in-Rock, Illinois for The Gathering of the Juggalos back in August (see my Tour Diaries here – still have one more coming!). As you may also have heard, we didn’t go alone, we were accompanied by a film crew from Tall Tale Productions. It’s a good thing they did the filming, because there’s no way I would’ve had the balls to stick a camera and releases in front of those people. The Juggalos I met were mostly good, welcoming people one-on-one, but get a thousand of them together and stick a camera in their face and it’s a different ball game. By the way, since we got back, Ben got testicular cancer, Laremy came down with Bell’s Palsy, and Mike from Tall Tale had meningitis (no exaggeration). I’m just hoping the Gathering of the Juggalos curse passes me by, knock on hatchet.

In any case, Tall Tale is still editing the documentary, but in the meantime they’ve finished a trailer. It looks pretty good! At the very least, you now have visual proof that everything in my Tour Diary has been true, from the guy passed out flat on his back with whiskey in one hand and pop in the other (52-second mark — it was nice of someone to leave water for him) to the staggering drugged up guy who turned into the Terminator when he saw an authority figure (54 seconds), to the sacrifice tree. Additionally, thanks to the 5-Second Films gang for that awesome FilmDrunk Title Card logo with the dog. I love that.

Meanwhile, it’s been announced that The Gathering of the Juggalos is leaving Cave-in-Rock and the Hogrock campground for good:

Though a location has yet to be disclosed, next year’s Gathering of the Juggalos will not be at Cave-In-Rock, a spokesman for the event’s producer said.

“I can confirm that it is not going to be at Hogrock next year, but I do not have any other information,” said Jason Webber of Psychopathic Records Inc.

Asked if the event would be in Southern Illinois, Webber said he was not at liberty to say. He also said he did not have information on why the change in venue was occurring.

The Michigan-based record company produces The Gathering through its subsidiary, Juggalo Gathering Inc. [TheSouthern]

We got to attend the final Cave-in-Rock Gathering ever and we didn’t even know it! So don’t enjoy Whoop Dreams because we jackasses got to screw around at The Gathering, enjoy it because it’s history. This is important work.