TMI, Will Smith, TMI.

Since I had to be exposed to this, you do too. So innocently did I go from browsing Tumblr for GIFs of big beautiful women eating peanut butter, to involuntarily picturing Will Smith’s perfectly manicured seven pound hancock ooze out a wild wild load into Jada’s bagger vance [SMILEY FACE LIKE IT’S TOTALLY COOL]. Yeah, people have sex and it’s beautiful/grotesque like all things bodily, and I shouldn’t be revolted by Big Willie’s straightforward style. I mean, what Willennium is this?! Cannot celebrities express their anguish at the passing of time, their pursuit of happyness? No, because Will Smith isn’t people. He’s a pop figure entitled to unholy cultural esteem and Bel-Air princedom, but gods don’t fart and act bashful and tell us they’re about to exchange their magic crotchspit and pop out some bad boys, too. Plus his kids are documented wieners hitching towards independence day after day. I prefer to discover celebrity pregnancies from tabloids while I congratulate myself for being patient in the CVS line. With this kind of transparency, soon we’ll be tracking the stars’ boners and watching their afterbearth flop to the floor.

Via Will Smith’s Super Secret Diary

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