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01.22.10 16 Comments

Well, folks, it’s mid-January, long considered the dumping ground for studios’ crap movies.  It’s stupid. They only do this because they’ve always done this. If they saved a good movie and opened it against a bunch of crap, it’d make a ton of money.  Whatever. At least Extraordinary Measures has contributed  “I ALREADY WORK AROUND THE CLOCK!!” to the world.  It’s the new “GET OFF MY PLANE!” or “GIMME BACK MY SON!”

Opening this weekend (trailers after the jump):

Extraordinary Measures
This looks good, but since I already know what happens from the trailer, I don’t think I’ll see it.  I also can’t think of Brendan Fraser doing anything else after seeing this gif.  (Thanks, Charlie Meadows)

Yes, it had an awesome trailer.  And the effects look great.  But it’s also tracking lower than the Tooth Fairy on rottentomatoes (13%). How do you make a fight between angels exciting?  There aren’t any consequences.  They’re already dead, what happens when you shoot them, they turn into a bat?

The Tooth Fairy
The Rock plays the tooth fairy.  Haha, it’s funny because it’s real life and not a bad joke, get it?  Look, I just wanna know how long it’s gonna be before a Samoan black guy in Hollywood can stop getting typecast as a hockey player.  It’s a shameful.

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