Brad Pitt vs. CGI Ant-People Zombies: The full World War Z Trailer

After a trailer for the trailer, a thousand reminders about when the trailer would be (save the date! for our commercial!), and a careful buzz-building period (which in practice just gave us more time to talk trash about how bad and not like the book it looked), the full trailer for World War Z, directed by Marc Forster, loosely based on the Max Brooks novel, is finally here. As someone who, unlike Burnsy, didn’t read the book or have much investment in this project one way or the other, it doesn’t look like the worst thing in the world. They clearly threw out the oral history conceit and just made it a traditional zombie apocalypse movie, so you can understand why someone hoping for “World War Z” would be pissed. But for the rest of us, it just looks like 28 Days Later with that guy from the Chanel commercial running around fighting people with a flowy scarf on. “Plans disappear, dreams take over… But wherever I go… F*CKING ZOMBIES, EVERYWHERE! RUNNNNNNN!”

Okay, so the CGI-ant people zombies at the end definitely don’t look so hot. As for the music, I like to think of this as “When Dub-Step Met BRAAAAHMs.”

Opens June 21st.