‘Worst In Show’ Looks Incredible

Regular readers of With Leather know that I’m obsessed with world records and obscure contests, especially if they involve animals. So when it came time to talk about the 2011 World’s Ugliest Dog Competition, it was as if I had caught my white whale. The winner of that event, in case you don’t recall, is Yoda, the 14-year old Chinese crested/Chihuahua pictured above, and now my excitement for Yoda and all the rest of his Ugliest Dog competitors is through the roof again with the trailer for Worst in Show.

Shot on a budget of just $5,000, Worst in Show is a behind-the-scenes look at the annual competition in Petaluma, California. Featured in the film is Rascal, a 14-year old pooch that was voted into the World’s Ugliest Dog’s Ring of Champions this year. But even more amazing is that Rascal has a very impressive acting career, including a role in Tele-Zombie as “Zombie Dog.” There really needs to be an Academy Award for animals.