You can kinda see the Dark Knight Rises prologue in this horrible bootleg

Director Christopher Nolan was extra careful about only allowing his Dark Knight Rises prologue (a six-minute trailer, basically) to be shown at 70mm IMAX theaters (not even regular IMAX theaters could show it), only 42 of which exist in the entire country, where the audiences who saw it would only experience it with the finest, state of the art projections on stadium-sized screens. Most of us couldn’t make it for that, but luckily for us, some hobo filmed half the screen on a shaky ass cam that he projected onto a prostitute’s scabby labia in this video, and you can almost make out a couple of the actor’s faces between the chancres and stray pubes. Ahh, yes, it’s a wonderful time to be alive. The bootleg is after the jump, it probably won’t be for long, and it’s probably the crappiest quality anything I’ve ever posted on this site. And yet I watched the entire thing. Go figure.

Update: Had to pull the embed, but WWTDD may still have a working link.