Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Brave Savages Watch The Watch

11.13.12 7 years ago 15 Comments
There are a lot of new DVDs this week, and The Watch (pictured above) is just one of them. There’s also the latest Pixar flick and the latest Oliver Stone film.  There are films starring Christopher Walken, John Travolta, Chris Rock, and Sean Astin.  There are vamps and vampires, dark horses, devil’s angels, British thieves and British prison guards. We’ve got two Dove Foundation-approved films, and one of them even stars an Oscar-nominee. It’s an exciting week to watch films on DVD -especially if you don’t limit your viewing choices to this week’s admittedly mediocre new releases.

The DVDs:
The Watch
2 Days In New York
Dark Horse
The Queen Of Versailles
Natural Selection
Amazing Love: The Story Of Hosea
Comes A Bright Day
Prairie Love
A Beer Tale
Dust Up
The Ghostmaker
3 Times A Charm
Devil’s Angel
Vampires: Brighter In Darkness

One of this week’s movies has a loose tie to The Beatles.  If you want to know which one, continue reading.  Curious which Oscar-nominee is making Dove-approved films now?  Continue reading. Want to watch a movie right this very second?

Click here for the Netflix suggestions, but if you do, you’ll never find out which film involves a cannibalistic drug lord -unless you come back and read the article after you’ve watched your Netflix movie, in which case, we’re all good.  But seriously, why the rush?

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