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The original article is in Spanish, but FilmDrunkard “argentino” helpfully translated for me (even though his non-Spanish-sounding name leads me to suspect he’s descended from escaped Nazis).  The gist is that Robert Zemeckis, a once-good director who’s been torturing his audience with pointless motion-capture animation for his last three movies, thinks motion-capture should have its own Oscar category.

“I’d say that the appropriate thing would be to create a new category, like when Walt Disney made the first animated movie. He got a special award since no one had ever done that.”

In 1939 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Disney received an honorary Oscar for innovation resulting for the film. [LaTercera]

Say what you will about Zemeckis, he did sort of pioneer the technique of motion capture, which is kind of like animation, but creepier and less creative, and kind of like live-action, but not quite lifelike and everything looks like it’s wearing a condom.  (I hate this, there’s no feeling!).  And for that he deserves to be recognized. I say they give him the Smellovision Memorial Do Not Want Award.

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