Conan Gets Creepy With Kate Upton While Tackling ‘Cuphead’ On The Latest ‘Clueless Gamer’

In the latest “Clueless Gamer,” the game once again takes a backseat to Conan’s antics with his guest. Instead of attempting to win a war of words with Will Arnett while playing Arms, though, it’s Kate Upton that has Coco’s attention while trying to play Cuphead on the Xbox One. It seems like a fine game with some great throwback graphics that might have you searching out some old cartoons for a night of wasted time. But for Conan, he’s barely interested in that and more interested in being as creepy as possible with Upton.

Conan has always played up his goofy creepiness on the show when he has female guests, usually providing some of the show’s funniest moments. It’s even appeared in “Clueless Gamer” in the past, raising the quality of his review for The Witcher 3 to classic heights. Now he’s combining it all together for Kate Upton and delivers a segment that is both funny and painfully awkward. Everybody should have a fine cheese setup when doing any gaming review. Treat yourself while you’re entertaining yourself. Also, more friends should try to play games together using just one controller. Not only does it get you a chance to get closer to your partner, but it could also be the perfect test of a romance. If you end up fighting your partner, the relationship might be over.

Here Conan flies too close to the sun and ends up crashing back to the Earth while Kate Upton proceeds to completely run the table in Cuphead. If anything, it should make you want to play the game more now. Do the opposite of Conan, and just try to have a good time.

(Via Team Coco)