Pop Culture Easter Eggs You Probably Missed While Playing The ‘Fallout’ Games

11.12.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

Upon first glance, the Fallout series would appear to be your typical grimdark post-apocalyptic experience, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find a goofy, deeply nerdy heart beating just below the gritty surface. Right from the start, the Fallout games have been packed with inside jokes, tongue-in-cheek humor, and a staggering number of geeky pop culture references. From The Simpsons to Star Trek to Monty Python, if you like something, there’s a very good chance the makers of Fallout like it, too.

Easter egg hunters are still ferreting out all of Fallout 4‘s secrets, but while they work, here are some of the most clever, mind-blowing pop-culture references you may have missed in past Fallout games…

Doctor Who (Fallout)

From the very first game, this is the Easter egg that really made Fallout pop-culture references a thing. Yes, while wandering around the desert, you may stumble across an out-of-place British police box in the middle of nowhere. Of course it’s actually a TARDIS from Doctor Who, which unfortunately disappears before you can get in and transport yourself to a less terrifying time period.

The Simpsons (throughout)

There are a handful of Simpsons quotes sprinkled throughout the Fallout series, because Simpsons quotes make everything better, but the series’ best reference to The Simpsons are the “Radiation King” products you’ll find in all the games. TVs, radios, jukeboxes, you name it. A large portion of the electronics in the Fallout universe were lovingly made by the Radiation King brand. This is a reference to the classic Simpsons episode Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy, in which we see a young Homer watching the good ol’ Radiation King in a flashback. Of course, it isn’t just a funny callback, the Radiation King ties into Fallout‘s nuclear theme and retro ’50s/’60s vibe perfectly – it works on so many levels.

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