Here Are The ‘Batman V Superman’ Easter Eggs And References You Missed Amid All The Explosions

Warning: The video above contains Batman v Superman spoilers. The write-up below might feature a few vague spoilers as well, so if you care about such things, leap a tall building right on out of here.

One thing that’s blatantly obvious whenever a new DC Comics movie comes out, is that most folks don’t follow the Distinguished Competition as closely as they do Marvel. Oh, sure, everybody knows who Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are in a broad strokes sort of way, but most of the fine details fly over people’s heads. They see, say, Batman holding a gun in Batman v Superman, and think it’s a grand betrayal of his character, not realizing Batman has held and even used guns in plenty of panels over the years.

Thankfully, the mega nerds at Mr. Sunday Movies are here to pick out all the Easter eggs and comic book references in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As a hopeless DC partisan, I thought I caught most of the references, but I definitely missed a lot. Hell, I didn’t even notice the Darkseid symbol during the big dream sequence. There’s also a lot of references to non-DC properties, including a sneaky little not to Star Wars.

Say what you will about Batman v Superman (personally, I dug it, so bring it on) but after the above video, you certainly can’t accuse the makers of the movie of not doing their research.

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