‘Batman V. Superman’ Drops A Hint About Batman’s Past On Instagram

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05.02.16 5 Comments
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Warner Bros.

One of the things you have to admire about Batman V. Superman is how, unlike most superhero movies, it resolutely refuses to explain anything that’s not relevant to the plot. Why is Wayne Manor burned to the ground? Why is the GCPD headquarters an abandoned wreck? It won’t tell you. But Warner Bros. has begun potentially dropping hints, now that we know that Batman is coming back on a solo adventure.

For example, Warner Bros. dropped a subtle hint as to which Robin’s suit is in that case. Or at the very least is offering up some very, very deep comics nerdery. This image was posted to the movie’s official Instagram April 27:

Sure, it could be played off as just another still from the movie in an Instagram that posts them regularly. But the timing is interesting. In A Death In The Family, the storyline that shot is referencing, the second Robin, Jason Todd, is beaten senseless with a crowbar by the Joker and blown up on, you guessed it, April 27.

Of course, comics being comics, Jason Todd didn’t stay dead for long, and there’s a theory going around that the “dead” Robin didn’t, in fact, cack it, but did something much worse. And this could just be the kind of nerdery the movie’s marketing team delights in; after all, this is a movie that directly references a scene from The Dark Knight Returns, panel for panel. Still, it seems increasingly likely Jason Todd’s suit is in that case, something we suspect will be confirmed if it turns out Scott Eastwood really is Dick Grayson.

(via Comic Book Movie)

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