‘Batman V Superman’ Cinematographer Says The Ultimate Edition Won’t Change Your Mind

Yesterday we saw a bunch of new footage in the trailer for the extended Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition, which is an R-rated cut with 30 extra minutes of bat-on-alien action. But will you be rushing to buy it on Digital HD this June 28? Is this version cut so differently that it’ll win over people who disliked the movie, or turn off people who loved the theatrical version? LOL no.

Batman V Superman cinematographer Larry Fong is laying down some home truth about what fans should expect from the Ultimate Edition. Namely, you should expect to like the story (or dislike it) as much as you already did.

Fong also worked with Zack Snyder on 300, Watchmen, and Sucker Punch, but he’s not working on Justice League. And we can see his point here. If you liked or disliked the 151 minute theatrical version, how much will the 182 minute version change your mind? Yes, there’s going to be more violence (hence the R rating), the fight scene with Doomsday is reportedly more intense, and Jena Malone (as Barbara Gordon) hasn’t been cut from the Ultimate Edition, but the story is still the same. Either you want to see Batman punch Superman in the face, or you don’t.

I, for one, can’t wait to see the INTENSE new character who’ll show up in that extended Doomsday fight scene…

(Via CBM)