‘Deadpool’ Will Shatter The Box Office And There Will Be Consequences

Ryan Reynolds may not actually be Deadpool, but he’s thrown himself into this role with great enthusiasm. In fact, Reynolds’ antihero is so infectious that he may soon make babies with his audience. Certainly, that nude scene won’t do anything to discourage that goal, nor will the girl-on-girl fight fail to inspire more mayhem. Watch out, ladies. Deadpool is coming for you.

Likewise, the Deadpool sequel is reportedly on the way. Already! The movie that will make you want to cuss is producing offspring as we speak. Opening weekend box-office projections are coming in conservative with $60-65 million expected, which ain’t too shabby for a February release on a $58 million budget. Whaddya know, the sequel’s script is in the works:

“Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who wrote Deadpool, are writing the script for a follow-up, which has already been greenlighted … Reese, Wernick and Miller, as well as star Ryan Reynolds, have fought an uphill battle within the studio system to get the movie made, forging themselves into a compact unit. Wernick and Reese, who also acted as executive producers on the movie, remained on board throughout the development and production, a rarity in a system that [swaps] scribes at high rates.

Well, this isn’t terribly surprising, as Reynolds has been dropping sequel hints, and god only knows he’s just as thrilled about this movie as the fans are. That’s the real draw here and even more important than cutesy fourth-wall breaking and a crapload of profanity. The instrumental folks on this film are absolutely thrilled to bring this project to fruition, and the audiences can sense that excitement.

Near daily goodies for fans are only helping. Studios should take note.

(Via Hollywood Reporter & Variety)