Karl Urban Says ‘Conversations Are Happening’ About A Netflix ‘Dredd’ Sequel

Dredd didn’t make a huge amount of profit back in 2012, but it did garner a bit of a cult following and grossed more in DVD sales than Lionsgate expected, which prompted star Karl Urban to say in 2014 that a sequel might happen, but writer Alex Garland (Ex Machina) quickly said a sequel is unlikely, regardless of DVD sales.

Then, a week ago, Urban spoke out in support of Amazon or Netflix producing a Dredd sequel. He was asked about that statement when he attended Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend. According to an attendee, Urban said “conversations are happening” regarding a Dredd sequel for online streaming.

We’re not calling this one a done deal. He also said the same phrase (“conversations are happening”) back in 2012, but we guess negotiations aren’t over until Judge Dredd says they’re over.

(Via io9)