Karl Urban Says ‘Conversations Are Happening’ About A ‘Dredd’ Sequel

Lionsgate may have horribly mismanaged their theatrical promotion for Dredd, but the film still had fans and did great DVD sales from word of mouth. Dan loved it and I suggested the tagline, “Everyone gets shot in the face.” That’s high praise, by the way. It might be the late uptick in profitability that caught Lionsgate’s attention, because now Karl Urban (Judge Dredd himself) says “conversations are taking place” about a Dredd sequel.

Urban hinted at the possibility of a sequel while he was answering questions at the Destination Star Trek event in Frankfurt, Germany. Screenrant has a little more to say about the Q&A.

The actor’s offhand comments surrounding that update are more telling. For starters, Urban said what we’ve been saying since the film first released: that the studio completely fumbled its marketing and theatrical arrival. Urban went on to say that despite an underwhelming box office take that had seemed to kill any chance of a sequel, the DVD sales have continued to impress – and Lionsgate has taken notice.

Dredd made the studio more money than expected on DVD sales?

We don’t have the clip from Karl Urban’s Q&A in Germany, but his Dallas SciFi Expo panel from earlier this month is online. Here’s the beginning of that. Near the end of this video he talks about Simon Pegg’s “neutron cream” prank on the set of Star Trek Into Darkness. Most of the Dredd talk — minus any mention of a sequel — comes in part four.

Via WhatCulture, CBM, and Screenrant.