Jeff Goldblum Is ‘Too Open’ To A Role In ‘Jurassic World 2’

Jurassic World may have been enough of a roaring success to ensure Jurassic World 2 would be coming June 22 of 2018, but what it was lacking (besides a more realistic plot line) was the “deplorable excess of personality” of the incomparable Mister Jeff Goldblum. But is it too late to jam some Hahahrawrrahaha up in this piece?

Fandango recently interviewed Jeff Goldblum about Independence Day: Resurgence, but the conversation — as all conversations with Goldblum do — veered in many whimsical directions. Eventually they settled back on Earth with a discussion of Earth Girls Are Easy — wait, no, they talked about Jurassic World.

Although he said he has no plans to return to this particular franchise 20 years later — “They’re doing very well without me.” — he is interested in the idea of returning to this new trilogy.

“I’m nothing if not open. I’m like an open-faced sandwich. My door is not always open — I took the door off. I removed the hinges from the door. I’m too open. I’m like a chicken piccata. What was I about to say? Oh yes, the two [Jurassic] movies I did with them were plenty. If I never did anything more, I’d certainly be well satisfied.”

In other words, Universal could probably convince him to show up in Jurassic Park 5: Jurassic World 2: The Squeakquel. As Goldblum said, speaking of himself in the third person as one does, “Yes, yes, but what movie doesn’t need a little seasoning of Goldblum?”

So true. Please, Universal, spare no expense. In fact, what the hell, make him one of the villains.

Scientifically accurate.

(Via Fandango)