The New ‘Star Trek’ TV Show Will Reportedly Be Set In The Original Series’ Continuity

When a new Bryan Fuller-showrun Star Trek TV show was announced, one question seemed to stick out in fans’ minds: with a new cinematic universe at play, would the TV show be set in the new timeline established in JJ Abrams’ movies?  Or would it be a part of the original series’ continuity? Or would it be something different? For all of the acclaim the new films have received, they’re also rather divisive, and it seemed that fans would rather see a new series with a fresh cast set in the timeline of the original series.  Fortunately for them, it has been confirmed that the impending Star Trek TV series (which recently added a familiar face behind the camera) will be set in the franchise’s original continuity.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the first film in the rebooted Trek film franchise utilized time travel in its plot, which created a timeline that diverged from the continuity of the original series.  The two franchises effectively exist separately at this point, allowing for the stories to not be affected by one another.

According to a report over at Birth Movies Death, it appears that the first season of the new show will be set after the film Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country and before the events of The Next Generation.  That said, the show will apparently be an anthology-style series, which will see the show’s timeline shift from season to season, allowing for a pretty expansive exploration of the series’ continuity.

Star Trek’s new series will premiere in 2017 on CBS.

(Via Birth Movies Death)