Nicholas Meyer, Director Of ‘Star Trek II,’ Joins The New ‘Star Trek’ Series

The new Star Trek series already proved it wasn’t fooling around when it brought beloved showrunner Bryan Fuller on board to run things. And it looks like they’re even more serious than we thought, because they’ve just announced Nicholas Meyer is joining the team.

Meyer would be a big deal even if he had nothing to do with Star Trek; he’s an Oscar-nominated screenwriter who regularly works on everything from Bond movies to literary adaptations. For Trek fans, though, Meyer saved the franchise back in 1982, by writing and directing Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Meyer more or less redefined the franchise, stepping away from the goofier aspects and giving it some grit. It was so successful, Meyer worked on a fair number of the movies based off the original series, including returning to write and direct Star Trek VI. He’s more or less responsible for the idea that the even-numbered Trek movies are the good ones.

So that he’s coming onboard to the new series, and contributing both as a writer and executive producer, is a positive sign CBS wants this show to work. It also raises the question of who else Fuller might be lining up, especially as we haven’t heard anything about casting yet. Still, there’s time: The new show won’t arrive until 2017.

(Via Deadline)