Sony Is Reportedly Prepping Another New PS4 Model In Addition To The Powered-Up ‘PlayStation 4.5’

Another day, another story about a new piece of video game hardware. For those having trouble keeping track of all the recent console news, rumors began to spread a couple of months back that Sony was planning a souped-up PlayStation 4.5 capable of 4K graphics and high quality VR. Sony confirmed the existence of the new machine, codenamed the PlayStation Neo, shortly before E3 2016. At the show itself, Microsoft would one-up Sony by announcing two new Xbox models — the slimmed-down Xbox One S, which is scheduled for this year, and the more powerful Project Scorpio in late 2017. In addition to all this, the Nintendo NX, which may actually be both a console and handheld system, has been promised for early 2017. Phew!

Add one more new console to the pile. According to the Japanese Wall Street Journal tech analyst Takashi Mochizuki, Sony is working on a sleeker, smaller PlayStation 4 similar to Microsoft’s Xbox One S. This will be a completely separate machine from the PlayStation Neo, and is expected to arrive on shelves (in Japan at least) in time for the Tokyo Game Show in September.

The existence of the PlayStation 4 Slim hasn’t been officially confirmed by Sony, but it makes sense. One of the selling points of the original PS4 was its smaller size and greater appeal than the Xbox One (console aesthetics matter more than you think). I doubt Sony will want to give Microsoft the edge in the style department with the Xbox One S.

What do you think? Are you interested in any of the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One models? Or are you fine playing with the box you’ve got?

(Via PlayStation Universe)