Samuel L. Jackson Loved ‘Daredevil,’ Except For One Character

If you think about it, Eldon Henson, Foggy Nelson of Daredevil fame, has the unfortunate job dramas usually stick the wife of the main character with: Being the wet blanket. Foggy’s the one who has to tell the Punisher to stop shooting gangsters in the face, or tell our hero to stop beating up ninjas and having sex with his ninja girlfriend. Granted, Foggy is entirely right, but nobody’s watching the show for Matt Murdock, Attorney At Law, so he comes off like a buzzkill. And Samuel L. Jackson seems to be annoyed about it in particular.

Seriously, you don’t get blunter than this tweet:

Ouch. Not even just killed, but getting the full-on Red Wedding treatment? Uh, maybe it’s a good thing Nick Fury never got those space cannons from Captain America: The Winter Soldier up and running. Otherwise, Foggy would have just been a smoking crater towards the end of season one, although a Nick Fury/Daredevil showdown on a helicarrier would be a pretty sweet one-take fight.

That said, note that Jackson had the class to say he didn’t like the character, not the actor. One assumes there’s little beef between Henson and Jackson, but that said, if Nick Fury turns up in The Defenders, Foggy had better watch out.

(via Comics Alliance)

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