Zendaya Lands A Mysterious Role In The Latest ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Film

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When last we heard from actress/singer Zendaya, people were very enthused about discussing her mullet from the 2016 Grammys. As much publicity as she got from that (and, for the record, it was a pretty cool hairdo), she’s involved in a news story that is maybe, just maybe, a bit more notable. Zendaya will be appearing in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

The details are scant at the moment, because that’s how these big time movies work these days. According to reports, she will be playing a character named “Michelle.” Some think this is just a cover for her playing Mary Jane, Spider-Man’s traditional main squeeze. Or, perhaps she is playing Michele Gonzales, a brief love interest of Peter Parker’s in The Amazing Spider-Man. In the end, does it matter? The answer is no.

While Zendaya has had an impressive career for a young woman who is only 19 years old, she will be 20 by the time this movie comes out in July of 2017, this is, obviously, a potential big step up for her, what with it being a massive comic book movie about one of the most iconic characters. Now, all people need to do is get over the apathy of what is the third reboot of the Spider-Man mythos in modern times. Hey, at least this time it isn’t an origin story.

(Via Deadline, h/t Complex)

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