The Internet Had A Lot Of Fun With Zendaya’s Mullet At The 2016 Grammys

Red carpet looks are bound to cause buzz. But typically it’s a certain outfit that sets the whole world ablaze: think Bjork’s Swan dress or the J. Lo dress that invented Google Images. Pop star and actress Zendaya arrived at the 2016 Grammys in a perfectly normal outfit, but it was her hair that caught people’s eyes. The singer arrived rocking a full-on mullet, achy-breaky style.

Comparisons to the world’s most-famous mullet were quick:

Though other mullets throughout history were well-represented:

Some thought Zendaya might have used a little bit of hair alchemy to get such an… interesting look.

And some thought it might have been a sly tribute:

Choosing the Grammys to debut such a wild hairstyle definitely seems like it would have been Bowie-approved. Though, some Twitter users thought she could have been shouting out a less transgressive figure.

But, most just couldn’t help but make jokes:

The truth of that last one is just brutal.

Though it did have its fair share of fans: