Talk To Your Dovahkiin About Skyrim Hoarding Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Hoarding Disorder has found its way into Skyrim. Now you can see several examples rounded up into this one post before TLC greenlights a show about it. First up is the meme-tastic picture to the right [via Reddit]. Then we have a selection of videos and pictures after the jump:

  1. FIRST PICTURE AND VIDEO: FieryTigerWolf filled his house with over 1000 troll skulls (which were almost certainly spawned using a PC, rather than hunted down, but we still appreciate the effort). [via Geekologie]
  2. SECOND PICTURE: Angerrage appears to have figured out a cheat to carry dead bodies into the house. That really ties the room together and isn’t creepy even a little bit. [via TheDailyWhat]
  3. SECOND VIDEO: Speaking of things that totally aren’t creepy, some guy (who certainly isn’t on a watch list now) made a video of his “trophies”, the decapitated bodies of several disrobed women. Something tells me this guy doesn’t have a girlfriend, thinks he’s entitled to a perfect ten he would classify as “only an eight”, and doesn’t deserve even a solid two. Just a hunch. Then again, if I could do this to my Sims I probably would, but only the older ones of any gender who had already lived a full life. And are still clothed. You gotta draw the line somewhere, creepy dude. [via Buzzfeed]
  4. THIRD PICTURE AND VIDEO: JuicyTheZombie has been filling a house with all the weapons and armor of his or her slain enemies. [via Geekosystem and PCGamer] Then, upon request, Juicy unleashed an unrelenting force shout on this massive pile of metal and captured the video for posterity. In accordance with the prophesy, the computer capable of handling this task is the Chosen One which will show us how to run Crysis.

There’s one more bonus video at the end.

Full-sized picture here.

This video may be NSFW:

Call the police.

Full-sized picture here.

You know who loves this video?