A Tribe Called Quest Are Dropping One Last Album Next Month

Q-Tip just shared some big news for A Tribe Called Quest Fans. The band’s final album will be coming out in a few short weeks, on November 11. He shared the details of their decision to record a new album in the above handwritten Instagram post.

According to his note, Q, Phife Dawg, Jarobi White and Ali Shaheed Muhammad were all on board for this record, and then Phife unexpectedly and tragically died earlier this year. They were inspired by their reunion for The Tonight Show last year, and the night they performed was also the night of the Paris attacks, which only further spurred them to get into the studio and make some new music addressing our current era.

After Phife passed, Q-Tip, White and Ali were more determined than ever to get the album out, and enlisted other guests, including Busta, to appear on the record. The group’s official Twitter account also shared the same note posted above via their official Twitter account:

Q-Tip wrote that even though Phife passed, he left them with “the blueprint” of what they had to do. It seems fitting that they carry out his legacy by releasing a final record, and honoring that intention. Look for that record coming next month. More information is soon to trickle down before then.