Watch Big Sean Shine In A Smoky ‘SNL’ Performance Of ‘Bounce Back’

Though Sturgill Simpson may have been the first SNL performer of the year with a fiery rendition of two tracks off his Grammy-nominated album last weekend, Big Sean has the honor of being the first rapper to appear on the show in 2017. Tonight he performed a song off his forthcoming album, I Decided, which comes out very soon on 2/3.

The Detroit rapper has already released several tracks off the new record, including the big-upping “Moves,” the sh*t-talking “No More Interviews,” and party anthem “Bounce Back,” plus a bleak look at fame on “Halfway Off The Balcony.” For his SNL performance, Sean opted to do “Bounce Back” backed up with plenty of flashing lights and wreath of smoke, you can watch that above.

No matter how you feel about Big Sean, it’s hard to deny the upward progression of his career, and for some reason he’s consistently been denied the proper credit. Sean has worked with Kanye as part of G.O.O.D. music for ten years now, and it’s time he got the recognition he deserves as one of the rap game’s biggest, most successful rappers. 2015’s Dark Sky Paradise was one of his most successful albums to date, and put him on the map in the rap world in a new way. I Decided looks to continue that forward motion. Look for his second song coming later tonight.