Bow Wow Sent Twitter Into A Tizzy When He Photoshopped Himself Into A Legendary Death Row Records Photo

Getty Image

Bow Wow may have once been a chart-topping superstar, but for most people these days he exists simply as a walking, talking, living meme for their online amusement. There was of course, the #BowWowChallenge when he posted a photo of a private jet that he most certainly did not get on, and the video of a crowd of “fans” that supposedly “chased” him. Well, now he’s at it again and fans are roasting him for implying that he was a part of Death Row Records and photoshopping himself into their iconic 1996 Vibe Magazine spread.

“Where it all started” Bow said in a tweet with his head photoshopped onto the famous photo of all the major Death Row figures in black turtlenecks against a black backdrop. Now, it should be noted, yes, Snoop did apparently have some sort of a hand in the rise of Bow Wow back in the ’90s. He is largely credited with taking Bow on tour before Jermaine Dupri helped make him a superstar. Bow Wow even posted receipts of his time with Snoop and Dr. Dre shortly after the original tweet.

Whether that makes him an official member of Death Row is neither here nor there because Twitter doesn’t care, they just busted out their best memes, reactions and roasted Bow for the rest of the day.