Watch Cardi B Show Jimmy Fallon Exactly What Late Night TV Should Be Like

Contrary to what some people may believe, I’m actually a pretty big fan of Jimmy Fallon. I think he gives conducts great interviews, he’s excellent at making guests feel comfortable, and he’s fun to watch while he hosts The Tonight Show. But even those most positive feelings were completely overwhelmed tonight when Cardi B came on the show as a celebrity guest — not a musical performer, mind you — for a short interview.

In the span of just five minutes, Cardi made Fallon lose his straight face and crack up multiple times, referenced how her spike in wealth led to a spike in people wanting her as the godmother of their children, flashed her engagement ring, and warned Jimmy about the dangers of not using lotion during winter. Without even barking a bar of “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi proved once and for all that she is an entertainer like no other, eclipsing Fallon’s usual charm and geniality with just the flick of a wrist. Seriously, watch those two in conversation above and tell me which one you can’t keep your eyes off of — it’s a Cardi victory by a landslide.

No shots at Fallon, to be clear, but Cardi did just break another record, charting her first three singles (as a solo artist or feature) in the Billboard top 10. The pair also discusses her recent Grammy noms, the ascent of “Bodak Yellow,” and Cardi’s hotly-anticipated new single “Bartier Cardi,” which drops Friday and features 21 Savage. As much as I cannot wait to hear that come Friday, this interview left me with one question: When is Cardi B getting a late night show? Watch the interview above, and maybe help me start a petition?