Cardi B Raps Along To An Unreleased Song On Instagram As Pressure Builds For Her Debut Album

Against all odds, Rolling Stone covergirl Cardi B’s debut album is one of the most anticipated rap albums in the game right now. After killing her performance at Made In America back in September, she hinted that her album would release in October, but that came and went with no album in sight. Now, after admitting she’s chasing hits to follow up her smash “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi says she’s taking her time crafting her debut LP, admitting “I have a lot of pressure on me,” while saying she has songs stashed up as she completes the process.

Still, even as she patiently puts together her debut Cardi is giving fans a glimpse of what’s to come and it sounds promising. She took to Instagram to preview a song, and she unleashes witty bar after witty bar, full of her rambunctious personality, that’s more than enough to keep the buzz going for her album. “I thought you was the wifey,” she says before quipping “guess ya’ll got a divorce.”

With the pressure to deliver an album worthy of all the “Bodak Yellow” mounting, it seems Cardi may be feeling the effects just a tad. On Monday, she went back and forth with a few Twitter users as they berated her with chatter about her song with Migos and Nicki Minaj, “Motor Sport,” leading to exchanges like this.

Cardi eventually deleted the tweet giving out her location and offering to fight all comers, and apologized to her fans, saying “I will never let these weirdos get me out my character again.”

So, yeah, Cardi is only human, but with the sounds of the new music she’s sitting on she doesn’t have anything to worry about.

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