Watch Desiigner Geek Out During His Interview With Nardwuar

Nardwuar, also known as “The Human Serviette,” is universally known for eliciting surprised reactions from his interview subject by busting out arcane facts and serving up hyper-specific gifts, but we’re pretty sure we’re never seen anything to the level of exuberance exhibited by his latest interviewee, Desiigner.

Already a pretty amped-up personality, the G.O.O.D. Music disciple was all smiles, laughs, and ad-libs as Nardwuar presented him with an original 45″ copy of 1963 blues single “Weak For Your Love,” by Sidney “Guitar Crusher” Selby. Desiigner of course recognized the the name right away. “You dig? Yeah, that’s my grandfather, man,” he said. “You crazy, man. You crazy. Shout out my grandfather, Guitar Crusher. It’s an original, man.”

The interview got better from there. You can’t say you know what true joy looks like until you watch Desiigner completely lose his mind after Nardwuar presents him with a vinyl copy of the Rush Hour 2 soundtrack, and a 1972 Kung Fu Brothers poster. He also talked about his relationship with Kanye West after being given a bootleg vinyl copy of Yeezy’s most recent album The Life of Pablo. “Every time I look at this album it just gives me remembrance,” Desiigner said. He also revealed that when his Mom met Kanye for the first time, she actually touched his face. “She didn’t believe it was him,” he explained.

The whole thing is vastly entertaining, and certainly worth checking out in the video above.