Nardwuar Talks With Metro Boomin About Trusting Donald Trump, Samples And Much More In A New Interview

Surely you must know the producer known as Metro Boomin by now (if you never did before). Maybe you know him through his contributions on Kanye West’s most recent release, The Life Of Pablo (more specifically TLOP‘s “Father I Stretch My Hands”). Maybe you know him through that now infamous meme born from the first several seconds of “Father I Stretch My Hands.” Nevertheless, you trust Metro Boomin, but it’s an 21st century privilege at this point for Young Metro to trust you.

Well, looks like the producer trusts famed interviewer Nardwuar (duh). The latter interviewed the former during this year’s SXSW in Austin and as one would expect, the interview is revealing. Boomin discusses the sampling of T.L. Barrett for “Father I Stretch My Hands,” if he trusts Donald Trump – the answer may surprise you — just kidding, it won’t – and sampling Van Halen for a Young Thug track.

Boomin also shouts out DJ Khaled during the interview, who also spoke with Nardwuar during SXSW.